An guide that will help bar and restaurant folx to serve a meaningful

and drool-worthy social media platform to their customers.


e-book coming soon

Are you a bar/restaurant/food vendor owner or manager and feel the time spent coming up with content takes you away from other pressing items?

Do you know the importance of social media but catch yourself second-guessing what to post and end up going days or weeks without posting? 


Do you have trouble figuring out how to get great photos and making custom graphics that best showcase your establishment?

Let me help!


"There are too many great things to say about Jess! I co-own False Idol Independent Brewers and we started working with Jess in the fall of 2019. The growth we've seen in our social media marketing and engagement with our followers has been incredible. In addition to her marketing savvy, Jess takes phenomenal photos, creates beautiful content, and as a woman entrepreneur, she provides invaluable insight and puts serious thought into the success of our business. Work with her!" 

"Jess has a keen eye and distinct style that elevates a small local brand to the levels of most national brands. Her photography and editorial choices will put your company’s best foot forward online. If digital exposure and first impressions matter to your business, then Jess is a no brainer."



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