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Hey friend!

I'm Jess



I'm a woman multi-preneur located in Louisville, Ky. I promote following your passion(s) and living a life of enjoyment and ease.

I'm a photographer, business coach, public speaker, and social media manager (and so much more) - If you want to capture a special life moment, need some guidance with your multi-passions, or want to outsource your social media, I'm your gal! 




Whether you're a business owner looking to put your best foot forward or someone wanting to capture a special life moment,  I can help you tell beautiful stories through my images.


Biz Coaching

I used to think having multiple passions was a weakness but now realize it's my greatest strength, and likely yours too.

Public Speaking

I have spoken in front of various group of amazing humans - from inspiring women, to start-up owners, to service industry people. I am always looking for opportunities to meet new people and speak on stage! Submit inquiry via contact form below.

Social Media

When we work together you not only get a consistent brand to the public eye, but also behind the scenes insights like marketing strategies, event planning, and more

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