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I’ve spent over a decade in the marketing world as a photographer, event planner, public speaker, social media strategist, graphic designer, and more.


The phrase I hear the most often from potential clients is, "I know social media is important I just can't find the time to figure out what to post." What many people don't realize (until they're in it) is how much time, strategy, and creativity is required to keep your audience engaged and informed.


That's where I come in.

By combining my skills in all I listed above, I create truly unique and custom social platforms for brands. My clients get more than just photos and “likes" - they get to share a visual experience that stands out online whilst gaining the TRUST of your audience.

When we work together you not only get a consistent brand to the public eye, but also behind the scenes insights like marketing strategies, event planning, and business consulting. 


I’m dedicated to helping small businesses elevate their social media platforms.

"Jess has a keen eye and distinct style that elevates a small local brand to the levels of most national brands."


I begin all client engagements by researching and understanding your brand, marketing activities, and goals. I customize your strategy based on those goals, using beautiful custom photography, social media graphics, quirky brand elements, event promotions, flyers, and more. The landscape of social media marketing is always changing, and expertise requires a commitment to learning. Therefore I practice continued education to maintain the most cutting-edge skills and tools to ensure your brand stays ahead of the curve. I've worked with restaurants, nonprofits, healthcare companies, fitness instructors, entrepreneurs, and more. I’d love to chat with you about how we can maximize your social media presence! 



Most social media managers outsource content creation such as graphic design, photography, video, etc. But with my background I am able to offer all these services in-house. In addition, I am a certified coach and offer unlimited business consulting to my clients.



Set it and forget it! Worry about other pressing items and let me take over your social media including content creation, posting, ads, and more.


Can't commit to a monthly contract? Let's set up a

one-on-one consult where

we go over social media fundamentals.



An guide that will help food and beverage industry peeps to serve a meaningful and drool-worthy social media platform to their customers.


(in no particular order)

  • The Center For Women and Families

  • Shelbyville Road Plaza

  • MeCare 

  • NoraeBar

  • Schenault Solutions

  • CBA

  • Medwater

  • Saving Sunny, Inc.

  • Miracle Holiday Pop-Up

  • XlerateHealth

  • The Manhattan Project

  • The Standard

  • Logan Street Market

  • Green Hill Therapy

  • Galaxie

  • St. Joseph Children’s Home

  • The Hub

  • BLoFISH Clothing

  • Georgia’s Sweet Potato Pie Co.

  • Dreams With Wings

  • CTM Band

  • RYE

  • Custom Fitness Solutions

  • Holi Gin



"Jess has been an awesome partner and brought much needed lift to our team!  She jumped in right away, bringing her knowledge of event planning, local vendors, and social media savvy to our local nonprofit.  In a short period of time, she has expanded awareness of the great work our organization does for the disabled community, allowing us to focus on our mission while telling our story through the beautiful images she's captured. One of our goals was to increase our followers by getting more social media likes and shares. Jess was instrumental in achieving that goal quickly by presenting our organization in a professional and polished format. She has become a trusted advisor and we are grateful for the passion she brings in everything she does, her integrity, and the work she has put into understanding the role we play in the community we serve."


- Jenifer F., Executive Director of Dreams With Wings


"​Jess' social media and branding services have been a GAME CHANGER for my business. I received a lead within 24 hours of the first post! Since then, people have reached out to my business because the consistency and presentation online legitimized my work. Thank you so much Jess! 


-SteVon, Owner of Schenault Solutions, LLC

"Jess has a keen eye and distinct style that elevates a small local brand to the levels of most national brands. Her photography and editorial choices will put your company’s best foot forward online. If digital exposure and first impressions matter to your business, then Jess is a no brainer." 


- Zack, Owner & Co-Founder of NoraeBar


"Jess has taken care of all of my social needs. Jess has captured our souls mission and helped us introduce it to the world."

-Dawn, Owner of Georgia's Sweet Potato Pie Co.

"Jess is amazing! She has been doing our social media at Galaxie for over five years. She has an outstanding point of view and always brings out the best in our products. Her expertise has provided us with a more consistent customer base through social media, photography, messaging, and special event coverage. We love having Jess on our team!"


- Brad, Co-Owner & Operator of Galaxie Bar


"There are too many great things to say about Jess!  The growth we've seen in our social media marketing and engagement with our followers has been incredible. In addition to her marketing savvy, Jess takes phenomenal photos, creates beautiful content, and as a woman entrepreneur, she provides invaluable insight and puts serious thought into the success of our business. Work with her!" 

-Becky, Co-Owner of False Idol Brewing Co.

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