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Before I signed up for this mastermind course, I was content with relying primarily on word of mouth for client referrals. What I thought was going to be a course to help me brush up on my social media presence, turned into ‘tapping’ into old money Traumas that have been holding me back. I’m not only revamping my social media presence, but I’m applying the techniques learned in this course, to my everyday life. Highly recommend this to anyone whose unsure of how to turn their hobby/side hustle, into monetary gains!


If you're in a vulnerable position at all with where to move forward in a new venture, lack the confidence to do it alone, if you notice yourself hesitating and putting things off until something falls in your lap or until the deadline is approaching quickly, this course will change your entire mindset. I was all of these things and more. I was a burnt out, introverted service industry worker and had an opportunity to get out, I took it and got to a point where I was stagnant and seemingly clueless about what to do next, this course was a GAME CHANGER. Do not hold yourself back any further. This is an incredible opportunity to regain your confidence back and to unlearn all of the harmful things we learned growing up about what "success" and "failure" is. Do something for yourself and take this course.

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