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Thinking of content is hard enough, but with a pandemic, shutdowns, and unpredictable mandates - figuring out how to get people to choose your spot is more crucial than ever.

If you're feeling stuck, here is a quick guide to help spark some ideas.

  • Cocktails I know this seems like a no-brainer but I guarantee there are cocktails, beers, and wine on your menu people don't know you're carrying right now. You can still highlight the crowd favorites as well!

  • Food Dishes Again, there are many unique ways to capture your dishes. Get multiple angles including aerial (from above), an employee holding it, someone garnishing it, or put it alongside with one of the cocktails from the previous bullet.

  • Staff Your followers love seeing familiar faces! Depending on the role of the employee you can get a few variations of them. Example: if they are a bartender - get photos/videos/reels of them making the cocktail (ideally a cocktail you already planned to capture), if they are a host - get a photo/video of them escorting someone to their seat, etc.

  • Your space You want to showcase a vibe for your consumers. Even more now than ever with COVID - people are curious about what to expect when they arrive. Make sure it's tidy and there are no cleaning supplies (unless is promoting CDC guidelines) or dirty dishes sitting around. Have any holiday decor up? Show it off!

  • Regulars/Customers Show love to those who show you love! Make sure they are comfortable being on your social account. Ask them a few questions to use as excerpts from those in a caption that ties it back to promoting your biz like their favorite dish/cocktail, or their favorite memory at your place.

  • “User Generated Content” aka "USG" USG are photos or videos that your customers take and post on social media. You can find these in your tagged images or keep an eye out on stories. Some quality will be great, some not so great. Use the better ones on your main feed and keep the others in stories. Make sure you credit them!

  • Carryout & Delivery What type of carryout and delivery services are you offering right now? Can someone purchase pre-made cocktails or cocktail kits? Are you delivering within a small radius? Who should people look for? Ask people to share images of them enjoying their cocktails/kit at home.

  • Testimonials Share those raving reviews! You can find reviews on your FB page, google, or even in the caption of photos others have posted.

  • How-to / Tutorial / Ingredients / Behind the scenes All of these can fall under the same category of giving your customers an inside look. Are you a brewery? Record a time-lapse of brew day. Have a specialty cocktail that requires a lot of prep? Capture that.

  • Weekly Special Graphic If you are offering weekly specials like happy hour or industry night that happen weekly it's good to let a graphic live on your grid so people can see it when they come on your page. Did you find this helpful? Let me know and stay tuned for more helpful tips!




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