What does that mean?

So here you are -

You're a complex, multidimensional human who wants to offer what your love to the world. You may have a steady job, but still feel a fire in your soul to share/be/do other things that light you up. But you've been told your whole life that you can't have multiple careers or passions. You need to find the ONE thing you're good at and stick to it. That you can't possibly monetize the "hobbies" you do for fun... but can't you? 

You're likely the "go-to" person when your friends and family need help doing a specific task that comes easily to you. Maybe you help plan trips, or you're the baker in the group, or you love to organize, or maybe you have a ton of knowledge about something that could help others.


I have a question - When you envision your future, do you dream of yourself making money doing something you actually love, ya know, monetizing your passion(s)?



Whenever you start to find yourself daydreaming of living this life your limiting thoughts start to f*cking creep in.

We were taught to get one job and stick with it our whole lives.

Women aren't supposed to make more than men.

Doing more than one thing will confuse people.

My family and friends won't understand.

I have no idea where I would even begin.

If do you multiple things it must mean you're not great at any of them.

Wanting money makes you greedy.

Just because you KNOW you deserve more, there's generations of living within a  patriarchal world that have told you otherwise. Women (esp BIPOC and those in the LGBTQIA community) have spent centuries being told they were not to be trusted or deserving to have money, let alone their own business. It's understandable you are scared. Your body is trying to protect you from harm.

But yet, you see others around you doing exactly the things you wish you were doing and wonder how they got there. How were they able to make the pivot?


I have news for you, you can too. It's safe for you to live a life of ease and bring in money doing something you enjoy.   You just have to believe it yourself, don't you?

Because I have been there.



When I started my own business I had NO idea where to begin. I had skills in graphic design and photography, and over five years experience in marketing but I lacked direction. I was hesitant to go public with my offerings, and was just flat-out SCARED. The extent of my information came from google and calling my fellow entrepreneur friends asking them an assortment of questions. I charged next to nothing, couldn't pay my bills on time, and let clients walk all over me. Fast forward >>> I've now been self-employed over five years doing photography and social media marketing for diverse businesses.


Throughout this time I've dedicated myself to learn more about money mindset, how our patriarchal world impacts us every day, women stepping into their power, and how it's all connected.

When people began reaching out asking for advice. I wanted to help them but knew there needed to be structure to my process. In addition, I needed to follow my own advice and get paid for my energy.

That's why I invested in 6-months of intensive training to become a Certified Quantum Coach/Mentor and provide elite services to my clients. 



Quantum Life Energy Coaching

A proprietary method for coaching energy in the quantum field to enable your clients to make quantum leaps in all areas of their lives.

Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT)

An alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It's also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure. People who use this technique believe tapping the body can create a balance in your energy system and treat pain.

Quantum Group Coaching

Equipped with training to facilitate powerful groups and become a master of holding space for group coaching containers.

Reiki Level 1

Level 1 is on opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy, which flows from the cosmos through the crown of the head and down to the heart and hands.

Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP)

NLP is a set of models that allow someone to create cognitive behavioral change and build more resourceful states to achieve their goals. NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP models teach you how to see problems from new perspectives to find better solutions.

T.I.M.E. Technique

This is one of the most powerful set of NLP techniques to instantly eliminate all negative emotions, release limiting beliefs, undo past decisions, banish the effects of phobias and completely eliminate the emotions of guilt and anxiety. T.I.M.E. stands for Time Integration for Maximum Empowerment.


A use of guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance. Client is fully aware of what is happening and in full control.

Success + Life Coaching

Tools and techniques all coaches should know how to facilitate in order to create powerful transformations in their clients.


We’re slowly dismantling the idea that people need to have one career for their entire lives. We can/do/be multiple things throughout time or at the same time - all being equally worthy and valuable. 

Monetizing your passion(s) is NOT...

  • Trying to make money off *every* hobby you enjoy. Maybe you like baking,
    that doesn't mean you have to sell your cookies (unless you want to).


  • Hustling more and bringing an unrealistic burden upon yourself
    to always be moving and making money.


  • Quitting your full time job and becoming an entrepreneur (unless you want to).

Monetizing your passion(s) IS...

Using your multi-talents to create streams income from things you enjoy and/or

come easily to you - resulting in a life with more freedom and fulfillment. 


You have an idea for a new stream of income

You want to start a new biz venture

Just started a biz

Feeling stuck in your creative environment

Have multi-passions and talents but don't know which ones to monetize



"After one mentoring session with Jess, I had the confidence to ask for triple my current rate as a contractor with a local business, and they said yes! She helped me to identify my strengths and feel fully empowered to ask for what I am worth. If you are a female entrepreneur struggling with charging your worth, you need to schedule a session with Jess ASAP!"

- Johanna, Owner of Frames and Letters Photography

"After my coaching session with Jess, she easily reminded me of the power that I already hold and provided sound advice on how to move forward with my ideas and vision. Navigating through the business world is hard enough, you can't be your own blocking factor. Jess is equipped to help you through the process and is empathetic towards your feelings and fears. I highly recommend working with Jess!"

"Jess was inspirational! She provided perspectives and suggestions that I hadn’t thought of or tried. She made me feel comfortable and more importantly, motivated. I left her session with a clear vision of what success looks like to me and goals to work towards for that vision. I would recommend Jessica to add value and help drive your personal business efforts!"

-Ashley, Owner of Family Z Travels

"Jess used my own experience, my own talents, and my own capability as a tool to show me how I was ready and how i was capable."

Audrey, Filmmaker

1 month client

"The best thing you can do for your personal growth is to hire Jess as your mentor. She's going to teach you some things you've heard of before, she's going to teach you some things you haven't. But they all come together..."

April, owner of SnoWhat Snoballs & multi-preneur
3 Month client

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From investing in yourself?


Single Session 1:1 VIP

This 90 minute Zoom call with focus on a topic of your choice that we work through together. You will leave our session with clarity on how to move forward.

Price: $275

(Pay in full due upon booking)


Investing in yourself with a month+ transformation means you're ready to experience the following steps by channeling the power and confidence you already possess deep within. 

Breaking free of the expectations that toxic capitalism, the patriarchy and history has put on women (and others) when it comes to passions, business, and money.


Determine how your purpose will influence others whilst also positively impacting yourself. Dismantle the idea that wanting more for yourself is greedy and start carrying yourself with more confidence in your power. Remembering everything we do today, paves the way for future generations.


You now have the confidence to know it's safe to make money doing things that are enjoyable, easy, and purposeful. Work doesn't have to be hard and exhausting. You're ready to make aligned energetic transactions with others that benefit both.


  • Custom questionnaire to take a deep dive into your passions and purpose.

  • (3) 75-minute Zoom sessions.

  • Weekday support from me between sessions to keep you moving forward.


     Investment: $999

3-Month 1:1 VIP

  • Custom questionnaire to take a deep dive into your passions and purpose.

  • (9) 60-minute Zoom sessions.

  • Weekday support from me between sessions to keep you moving forward.


     Investment: $2,499

Payment plans available

Credit Cards accepted

1-Month Group Mastermind

Do you thrive when being in a room of like-minded humans? Then Group masterminds are for you! We will openly share the goals you want to achieve and work through them together. These open a few times a year and spots are limited!

August 2022 mastermind is closed




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