maternity & kids

"Jess started with capturing our maternity pictures and followed us through the journey of becoming parents! Her flexibility made scheduling our maternity pictures, with our busy schedules and rain delay easy and painless. I wanted our birth experience to be captured professionally, and Jess was up for the task. When she sent my husband and I the pictures (3 days later I might add), we both were floored by the emotions and priceless moments she was able to catch. All of the pictures immediately put me back in that delivery room and all of those indescribable emotions come flooding back. A week later she drove out to our house, so she could take our daughters newborn pictures in her nursery (we live a half hour outside of Louisville). She was very patient and understanding and knew all the tricks to capturing the most precious shots of a difficult subject! I look forward to working with her in the future as our little one continues to grow."